The Colossal Sounds Ultra subwoofer is the perfect blend of a SPL monster and accurate SQ driver. This perfected ground pounder subwoofer will provide you with an ear to ear grin as you experience accurate output and incredible performance. The Ultra series of subwoofers was designed and engineered to be THE sub you play all day, every day, while maintaining incredible output and efficiency.

Featuring a high temperature 3″ flat wound 4-layer voice coil, the U-Series subwoofer will not disappoint with it’s 2500w rms power rating. We engineered a grade Y35 ferrite motor with triple 1″ stacked magnets, a custom top and bottom plate for optimal cooling and magnetic performance. By using a non-pressed paper cone with a glossy carbon fiber dust cap and combining it with our dual-layer 100% nomex spider pack with triple sewn in heavy duty lead wires, we are able to maintain complete cone control and accuracy across all frequencies and power ranges. Encased in a custom tooled cast aluminum basket optimized for cooling, you won’t be disappointed knowing the U-Series subwoofer will be the perfect daily driver.