The Colossal Sounds Extreme series subwoofers are designed to be the perfect daily subwoofer for any car audio enthusiast. The EX series subwoofer is designed, engineered and torture tested here in the US to insure unmatched performance and reliability, even into the subsonic frequencies.

Featuring a high temperature 2.5″ round wound copper voice coil, you can push the extreme series subwoofers to the limits for hours knowing you’ll punish your trunk without mechanical failure. By engineering a grade Y35 ferrite motor with triple 20mm stacked magnets, the EX series of subwoofers can product “extremely” low end bass frequencies that you can hear down the block. By using a non-pressed paper cone with a glossy carbon fiber dust cap and combining it with our progressive spider pack with heavy duty lead wires, we are able to maintain complete cone control and accuracy across all frequencies. All mounted in a stamped steel basket optimized for cooling, the EX-Series subwoofer will allow for unmatched response, output and power handling.